Prepositions are words that are used to link nouns, pronouns, phrases. It generally shows the location, direction, or time.
1. in - I was jogging in the morning.
2. at - I will reach the office at 9'O clock.
3. near - Lavanya lives near her school.
4. towards - The cow was coming towards him.
A Verb + Preposition will make an idiom.

"Break" is a verb. When the preposition "in" is suffixed, "break-in" is formed, with a new meaning.
The "break" means to make something into halves/pieces. "Break-in" means to enter a building forcibly.
Verb + Preposition and their meanings.

1. Fall behind - fail to keep up the pace
Sentence: Hiren didn't want to fall behind in his studies.
2. Blow up - explode
Sentence: It was Nayana's turn to blow up in anger.
3. Cry out - protest
Sentence: Hitesh later told his older brother that he heard his friend cry out after the explosion.
4. Cut down - reduce
Sentence: Somesh cut down on coffee and tea, and ate a balanced diet.
5. Back up - support
Sentence: Asin always backs up her arguments with facts.