Srinivasa Ramanujan's life can serve as an inspiration to all people with aims and passion for something. When one has passion and really loves what one does, it proves as motivation and steers a person towards the right direction. In spite of being born in a poor family, he did not give up on his dreams. The fact that rich senior students had to come to his old dingy house to solve doubts shows that education is the highest of all weapons. He did not lose hope once he failed in his college. Rather he worked on what he was good at. He improvised himself every day, proving that one need not be perfect in every area, if he is really good at the one thing that he loves. He was also practical enough to get himself a job to sustain himself. He tirelessly wrote to all officials, irrespective of people undermining his work, just because they were not brilliant enough to understand it. He finally managed to get what he wants, when he reached Cambridge. Although he faced issues with fit in a new country, he found his own solutions. He never worked on maths but to make himself happy, and that helped him reach greater heights.