‘I used to climb the jackfruit tree,’ he said, opening his eyes.
     ‘Do you want to climb it again? My parents won’t mind.’
     ‘No, no. Not after climbing the garden wall. Let’s just sit here for a few minutes and talk. I mention the jackfruit tree because it was my favourite place. Do you see that thick branch stretching out over the roof ? Half way along it there’s a small hollow in which I used to keep some of my treasures.’

     ‘What kind of treasures?’
Slowly he opened his eyes and said to the girl that he used to climb the jackfruit tree.
She asked if he wants to climb the tree again. She said that her parents would not feel bad about it.

He was not interested in climbing. He said that after climbing the wall of the garden, he wants to sit there for some time and talk. He mentioned the jackfruit tree because it was his favourite place. He showed the tree and asked if the girl could see the thick branch, which was stretching over the roof. Halfway along that branch, there was a small hollow wherein he used to keep his treasures in it.
The girl asked what kind of treasures he used to store there.
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