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The lesson 'Learning the Game' is an excerpt taken from Sachin Tendulkar's autobiography 'Playing it my Way'. Sachin is considered to be one of the best batsmen in the world. He was born in a middle-class family in Mumbai. He started playing cricket in the colony with other kids with the tennis ball. His brother Ajit recognised his talent and passion for cricket at a young age and admitted him to Coach Ajrekar's cricket club. Sachin was nervous initially to bat in the net but later smashed the ball once he was convinced that no one was watching. He was eleven years old when he was first admitted to the club. He had to travel in a bus and found it tiring as he had practice till evening. He washed his cricket clothes every day twice as he had only one set. He was embarrassed about wearing dirty clothes and was often ridiculed by the conductor for taking up the space in the bus with his cricket kit. But he overcame all these struggles as he had the support of his coach. At times he became weary and took breaks going back to the colony to play cricket. But Achrekar sir guided him, saying that one must mould one's personality according to their career orientation, making the world look back.