The drama or play is about a flood situation. Here the characters are helping each other, and they stayed calm and brave during the entire episode.
The story is about the family that is stuck in a flood situation when the parents had gone out. Jim Hall, who worked with the Junior Red Cross emergency squad could make the girls understand the graveness of the circumstances. Their house got separated from the entire town. It had been raining for three days, and the river was overflowing. Amy and Jim took the overall responsibility of taking care of their food, clothing, and the rescue operation. Though both of them were frightened, they did not show their fear, and instead, they took decisions based on the situation.
They get help from Mr. Peters and Miss. Marsh from Red-Cross. Sara hurts herself, but the nurse fixed it up and they took her to the hospital along with Rose and Betty.
Finally, Jim and Amy were left out, and Mr. Peters assures them that they would rescue them soon.