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A non-finite verb (also known as a verbal) is the term used to describe a verb that does not indicate tense. The non-finite verbs are called gerunds, infinitives, and participles.

Finite verbs change tense and number according to the subject. 


Arun invited Suresh to his daughter’s birthday. 

Her friends presented the girl with a toy. 

His friend presented a watch. 

Non-finite verbs have no subject and do not change according to the tense or number. 

Non-finite verbs are broadly classified as follows: 


i. Gerunds - Walking is a healthy habit (Present participle used as a noun) 

ii. Infinitive -I like to walk early in the morning. (to infinitive) 

iii. Present participle -These are my walking shoes. (Present participle used as an adjective) 

iv. Past participle - Having walked a long distance I felt tired