Rose: (entering left) I’ve got enough fresh water to last us a week! Who will send a boat for us, Jim, and from where? (She goes to the window, screams) Horrors! Look at the river!

Amy: Hush, Rose. Don’t tell the others. Jim says we will be all right. Let’s see what food we have on hand.

Betty: (entering left) Here are lights. Did you say food? Hark, what’s that? (All four stand perfectly still, listening. From far off a child’s voice is heard.)

Sara:  Ro-ose! It’s me! Sara!

Rose: Sara! Where is she? (All turn to the window.)

Amy: There she is! On the playhouse porch. How did she get there?
Rose: Followed me here, probably, she loves that playhouse, the little monkey!

Jim: (goes out calling) Stay where you are. Sara, I’ll get you.

Amy: It’s lucky the playhouse is on high ground. 
Rose: (still at the window) But it isn’t. Look it’s nearly afloat! (The girls gather at the window.) There goes Jim. Look, the water is above his knees.

Amy: He will need dry clothes. See if you can find some of Dad’s things for Jim, Betty. Sara can have Dick’s.

Rose: There! He’s got her!

Amy: I’ll make some hot cocoa for everyone. (There is a thumping and voices at the right and Jim enters carrying Sara pick aback. Sara is beaming.)

Sara: Hello, everybody! That was fun! Ride some more, please Jim!

Jim: No, young lady, that’s enough. You’re heavy. She is dry as a bone.

Rose: I’m not!

Amy: You can have some of Dad’s things. I’m going to get us some supper – (As she says this, the lights go out. They all gasp and Betty screams.)
Rose entered and said that she had filled fresh water to last for almost a week. Rose overheard Jim about the boat and asks him why he was concerned. She goes near the window and realizes that the river has swollen up. Amy asks Rose to keep it to herself and not to tell others. She also informs Rose that according to Jim, everything will be alright. Amy tries to divert the topic and asks Rose to accompany her to look for some food.
Betty gets the lights, and after overhearing about the food asks for the same. Suddenly they all could hear some child's voice from somewhere. The voice said to Rose that it is Sara. Rose was astonished to hear the name Sara and looks for her from outside the window. Amy says that Sara was on the playhouse entrance and surprised to know she got there.
Rose realized that Sara had followed her to Amy's place as she liked the playhouse very much. She called Sara a little monkey. Jim rushed out to bring Sara and asked her to stay wherever she was. Amy said that luckily the playhouse was on high ground, but Rose said that the playhouse was already floating. The girls went near the window when Rose saw Jim. Jim had water above his knees.
Amy was thinking of dry clothes for Jim and Sara and said that her Dad's clothes would fit Jim. Dick's clothes would fit Sara. Rose told Amy that Jim had gotten Sara. Since they were wet and hungry, Amy suggested that she would make hot cocoa for everyone. Jim brought Sara carrying her pickaback. Sara was enjoying the ride like all the kids do. Sara told everyone how she was having fun riding on Jim. Sara asked Jim to carry her more, but Jim refused and said that Sara was heavy. Amy said to Jim that he could have her Dad's clothes to change. Amy said she was going to prepare some evening meal, as she said the light went off. Everyone got frightened. Betty screamed out of fear.
Meanings of difficult words:
ScreamsMake a loud, high-pitched sound.
PorchA Veranda.
State Council of Educational Research and Training (2018). Term-1 English Standard-9. Old Man River By Dorothy Deming (Slightly adapted) (pp. 193-201). Published by the Tamil Nadu Textbook and Educational Services Corporation.