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We heard them talking, and a few minutes later, the captain came back and announced, “We’ve agreed that there will be no shooting before midnight tomorrow. But sentries are to remain on duty, and the rest of you, stay alert.”

Across the way, we could make out groups of two or three men starting out of trenches and coming towards us. Then some of us climbed out too, and in minutes, there we were in No Man’s Land – over a hundred soldiers and officers of each side, shaking hands with men we’d been trying to kill just hours earlier!

The British soldier then revealed that they heard his team's captain and the opposing team's two Germans conversing. The captain of the British team returned a few minutes later and delivered a statement. The captain then announced that no gunfire would take place before midnight the next day. On the other side, he requested that the guards be on duty. He also advised the other soldiers to maintain alertness. Despite the Germans being their enemies, he claimed that they had promised that no firings would take place until tomorrow. On the other hand, they were Britisher's enemies. So the captain asked the British soldiers to remain cautious.
Later, the Britishers could see that two or three men from the German group come out from their trenches. Then they walked towards the British soldiers. After seeing them, some of the members of the British group came out from their trenches. Within minutes hundreds of soldiers and officers from British and German groups gathered in the No Man's Land. Then they stood on each side and started greeting each other. They were shaking hands with each other, who had been attempting to kill each other only hours before. It shows how their enmity had vanished because of a celebration.
Meanings of the difficult words:
AnnounceMake a formal public statement about a fact, occurrence, or intention
SentryA soldier stationed to keep guard or to control access to a place
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