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Often, we find little kids who like their teddies so much that they are always hugging it. They even have the teddy with them while they sleep. Generally, the teddies are furry and stuffed, so they are warm, and the kids like them very much. The teddies look cute, and kids feel comfortable with them. They love them as a friend or a sibling of theirs. They dress the teddies, give food to them, and hold them to their bosom all the time.
We see little kids cry if we try to separate them from their mothers. Even mothers react in the same way. They don't want to get parted with their children, whatever be the situation.

Do you know how animals behave when they are isolated from their families?
Here, the story is about a young grizzly bear. The bear proved himself strong by not allowing bigger bears to dominate it. This young bear is called Little Cyclone. This bear got its name after it did not permit anyone to ill-treat it. This bear is from Alaska. The mother of this bear got killed during a firing near the Chilkat River. He and his brother ran as fast as they could, on their stumpy little legs. When they came back to look at the same place where they saw their mother last, they thought that she was sleeping. They cuddled and hugged her and slept next to the dead mother bear till the next morning.
The mountains where they slept was still dark just before dawn when the sun was not on their side of the peak. At this time, some humans came and woke the bear and his brother. They bit and scratched and made noises with anger. One of them fought so much that the human beings who wanted to capture him got nervous and freed him. That one bear is still in Chilkoot.
The other cub also fought as much as his brother, but the human beings who captured him took him by the hind legs and dragged him and swung him. The humans did all this to keep the cub engaged so that he wouldn't fight. The humans brought the rope and tied him, collared him, and chained the bear cub. They kept the bear cub in the rear of the saloon in Porcupine City. The two-legged animals, also known as humans who were less intelligent and rude, poked the little grizzly with a long pole, often violently, to see him fight for his freedom. Just on time, some good Samaritans of the Society's field agent rescued Little Cyclone from those cruel people. They put him in an enormous, comfortable box and shipped him to New York.
Little Cyclone was a very playful and funny looking bear. In the moonlight, the little bear's two big black eyes looked like beads among the fluffy hair. Cyclone's nose was fat but was very small for a bear face. The bear had high shoulders, and Cyclone looked like a bunch of grey fur bundled on four legs, and both of Cyclone's legs looked similar. But is claws were intimidating and made him the accurate grizzly bear that he was.
The New York Zoological Park gave the bear a big yard with a tree so that he could climb the tree whenever he wanted. Little Cyclone also had a swimming pool, three dens to sleep in,  and a rock cliff. It had just six to eight cubs.
The celebrating crowd at the zoo were testing the bears' courage and temper. Generally, any newcomer in the zoo will be scared at first, and feeble and timid during the next few days. But grizzly bears are not like that. They are full of courage and are not scared of anything. When they opened Little Cyclone's box in the nursery, he walked as if he was walking on a stage, and was calm. He acted as if he was declaring that Cyclone is a grizzly from Alaska and that he was there to stay. If anyone thinks that there is anything to take from him, they can come and take it.
Another soft natured bear cub from Europe named Little Czar went near Little Cyclone and tried to aim a blow at his left ear. But Cyclone reacted immediately and struck his right paw on the side of Czar's head. Czar ran away from the Cyclone, as he was surprised by Cyclone's reaction. Next, a black bear cub, twice the size of the Cyclone, went near him. He faced the same response from the Cyclone, who was in a fury, and the black bear cub went off and climbed the cliff.
Cyclone made sure he reacted in the same way, whether the opponent attacked really or not. By the next hour, every bear in the nursery understood that the newcomer, with a broad head and short nose, should not be provoked. Otherwise, they will get it hard, and that within three seconds notice, the Cyclone could fight with any of the bears in the nursery.
So, finally, Cyclone's position became firm in the nursery. His fellow bears always treated him with respect. Cyclone was a good bear, a bear that never went for a fight.