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"Mother's Voice," by Vasil Berezhnoy, is a story about an aspiring astronaut son's love for his mother. In the moonscape, the astronaut converses with his dear mother, which is a crucial part of the plot. It was the mother's first trip to the moon, and her excitement could be heard in her voice.
The astronaut then led his mother through Selenopolis' long, endless underground tube, and he showed her the tall structures that support the star-studded sky. They rode a long way to reach 'The Community of Nations Square' in Selenopolis, where people from all over the world would gather. The astronaut's mother then noticed two large spaceships and inquired about them to her son, who replied that they were spaceships destined for a neighbouring planet.
The astronaut's mother despised the fact that people were exploring other planets. She prefers that people settle on the moon or Earth since she believes people are safer beneath the sun. She also tried to persuade her son by tying him to emotional bonds on Earth and persuading him to appreciate the beauty of the Earth.
She pleaded with her son to come to Earth for a vacation, unaware that it was their last meeting. Despite her best efforts to persuade her astronaut son to visit Earth for a vacation, he moved to another planet to pursue his ambitious work.
The story ends with a tragic climax where the discussion between mother and son from the beginning of the chapter was actually a taped clip that the astronaut son listens to every now and then when he misses his mother.