How to write a story?
The format of the story is:
1. Setting: The setting of the story is the location when and where the story took place, such as forest, village, or city. Mention the period, if any, whether the story took place in the morning, evening, night or the years if its historical incident etc. The setting of the story should be explained in such detail that the reader imagines and picture the scene.

2. Characters: Introduce the characters. The characters can be anyone like humans, animals, or anything. They are one's who are playing a part in the story you write.
3. Plot: Plot means the storyline. What is the story about? The order of the events or the incidents should be maintained that is relating to the main conflict.
4. Conflict: Finally, try to tell what is intended from the story or what is the conflict all about? Like a struggle of the main character or the main character trying to help the needy. The conflict can be even about the environment, some feelings inside himself/herself, or the society.
5. Resolution: End the story with a moral or give a proper solution if there was any problem.
Setting: Forest
Characters: Lion, Zebra, Turtle and animals.
Plot: The animals were scared of a lion in the forest. Everyone wanted to get rid of him as he killed them for his feast. The zebra which came to know of all these things escalated a plan and succeeded to kill the beast.
Conflict: The animals were scared of the Lion. They wanted to get rid of him.
Resolution: The zebra made a plan and executed it perfectly. He led the Lion to the river and killed it.
Brilliant Zebra
Once upon a time, in a forest, there lived a beautiful zebra. All the animals in the forest liked the zebra very much. But, in the very same forest, there lived a fierce lion. The lion was too lazy to hunt down animals, so, as the self-proclaimed king of the jungle, he declared that every day, an animal should come to him as his lunch, else he would kill all the animals in the forest.
The animals of the forest panicked. They gathered together to find ways to escape from the lion, but found no possible solution. While they discussed their ideas, the witty zebra began giggling. The animals were surprised. They asked the zebra, "why are you laughing?" The zebra replied, "Tomorrow I will go to the lion. I will kill him." The other animals began laughing. They asked the zebra, "Are you mad? How can you possibly kill that lion?" The zebra said, "Wait and watch!" To himself, he thought, "I will need the help of the turtles in the river."
The next day, the zebra went to the lion. All the animals followed him to see what would happen. When the zebra reached the lion's den, it began shouting and teasing the lion. The lion became angry and was about to pounce on the zebra when the zebra began to run. The lion started to chase it. Suddenly, the zebra began to run towards the river.  The lion ran behind, not realizing that it was running towards the river. When the zebra reached the river, he made his way over a broken bridge to the other side. The lion was right behind him. But when the lion tried to cross the river, the broken bridge, or rather the turtles posing as the bridge, gave way. The lion drowned in the river, as he could not swim. All the animals hailed the zebra for getting rid of the lion and saving their lives.
Moral: Intelligence triumphs over every situation.