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To speak about TV programmes and social media, study the appropriate vocabulary.
TV viewer - a person who watches TV;
Mixture - when there is a combination of two or more ideas, qualities, styles, etc;
Combine - to become mixed or joined, or to mix or join things together;
Specialize - to spend most of your time studying one particular subject or doing one type of business;
Appeal to - attract;
Contrast to - an obvious difference between two people or things;
Option - a choice;
Struggle - to fight someone when they are holding you;
Generation - all the people in a society or family who are approximately the same age;
Up-to-date - modern, and using the most recent technology or knowledge;
Accurate - correct or exact.

She struggled but couldn't break free.

This is the film of three generations of women.

Did you watch up-to-date new on TV?