We learned that data is a compilations of information, but there are two ways we can classify the data with respect to the way it gets collected.
Data types:
1. Primary data.
2. Secondary data.
Primary data: A data which has just been freshly collected from original source and not treated with statistical process such as tabulating and sorting.
1. The agricultural students have collected the variety of plant samples in the agriculture field.
2. The media collected the information from the people about their favourite political leader.
3. A teacher collected a list of absentees in the class.
4. A survey on eating habits of students conducted by a food manufacturing company.
Secondary data: For some other purposes, if someone collects second-hand data, that set of information is called secondary data. And this is not collected directly from the source.
1. The local news channels collects the data from the international news channel.
2. The headmaster of the school collects the data about school toppers from all the class teachers.