In the independence day celebration, all the students in a college clothed white dress uniformly and celebrated the independence day of our nation.
In the above scenario, students are different, but their costumes are the same. We can correlate this scenario to the concept of Like fraction.
In a fraction, if the numerator is different but the denominator is same that is known as, Like fraction.
A like fractions are fractions, with the same denominators and different numerators.
Here the denominator of all the fractions are the same, so it is a Like fraction.
Ordering and comparing of Like fractions:
For the fractions with the same denominator, the fraction which have the greatest numerator will be the largest fraction.
Find the largest fraction among 18,28,38.
All the fractions have the same denominator \(8\) so, they are like fractions.
Ordering the above numbers will result in 18<28<38.
Among the numerators, \(3\) is the greatest and hence \(3/8\) is the largest fraction.