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Here comes the list of properties on ratios:
1. A ratio is a number. It has no unit.
2. The two quantities of the ratio should be of the same unit.
The ratio of \(10km\) to \(100m\). Here we should not directly compare the quantities \(10km\) and \(100m\). Let us convert to the same unit and compare the numbers. \(10km = 10000m\). Thus, \(10000 :100\). In simpler form, \(100:1\).
3. Each number of the ratio is called a term.
There are \(13\) boys, and \(23\) girls in class \(6\) went on an educational trip. The ratio of boys to girls went on an educational trip is \(13:23\). \(13\) and \(23\) are the terms of the ratio.
4. Order of the terms in a ratio cannot be reversed.
The ratio of the number of days in a week to the number of months in a year. The number of days in a week is \(7\). The number of months in a year is \(12\). The required ratio is \(7:12\). The same information should not be taken as \(12:7\). So \(7:12\) is not same as \(12:7\).