The classification of angles alone, namely acute, obtuse, and right angles, doesn't help us know the property of the angles better. To have a better understanding of the angles, we should know their measurements.
To have a deeper knowledge of the angles, we need to 'measure' the angles, and it is done with a 'protractor'.
A protractor is a geometric instrument that is used to measure an angle.
An angle can measure between \(0^\circ\) to \(360^\circ\). A complete circle measures \(360^\circ\), wherein a protractor is semicircular. Therefore, we can measure up to \(180^\circ\) using a protractor.
Let us look at measuring angles using a protractor in detail.
1. We place the mid-point of the protractor on the angle vertex.
2. We adjust the protractor such that the one arm of the angle coincides entirely with the straight line of the protractor.
3. We note the reading on the other arm of the angle to know the measurement of the angle.
Let us look at the representation given below for a better understanding.