Do you know the difference between the verbal statement and algebraic statements? Let's see an example to understand this clearly.
Kathir is twice taller than Kumar. That is Kathir height is two times larger than Kumar's height. Now, this is known as a verbal statement. If you write the above verbal statement in an algebraic statement we get,
Let the height of the Kumar is \(x\)
Therefore Kathir height \(=\) 2×HeightofKumar=2x.
In the above example, we understood that normally we use the verbal statement to mention any mathematical operation, then we translate this verbal statement to an algebraic statement to find the unknown value.
Now let's see a few examples of how we are using the verbal and algebraic statement in the mathematical operation.
[Note: Here the unknown value \(x\) is represented in verbal statement as some number or a number].
Addition keywords: Sum, total, added, increased, more than, etc.
Operation PhraseExample -Verbal statementAlgebraic statements
 Addition (+)The sum ofThe sum of a number and three.x+3
 PlusA number plus three.x+3
 Increased bythree increased by some number.3+x
Subtraction  keywords: Minus, Decreased by, less than, the difference of, subtracted, etc.
OperationPhrasePhrase example- Verbal statementAlgebraic statements
Subtraction (-)
Subtracted fromEight subtracted from a number.x8
  Decreased byEight decreased by some number.x8
 The difference ofThe difference between Eight and some number.8x
Multiplication keywords: Multiplied by, The product of, Times, Thrice, Twice etc.
OperationPhrasePhrase example -Verbal statementAlgebraic statements
MultiplicationMultiplied bySome number multiplied by fifteen.15x
 The product ofThe product of negative fifteen.15x
 TimesFifteen times a number.15x
Division keywords: Divided by, The ratio of, The quotient of, etc.
OperationPhrasePhrase example -Verbal statementAlgebraic statements
DivisionDivided byTwelve divided by some number.x12
 The ratio ofThe ratio of Twelve to a number.12x
Using these above, we can also make another operation that is,
Equals keywords: Equals, Is the same as, yields.
OperationPhrasePhrase example -Verbal statementAlgebraic statements
EqualsEqualsEight equals to less than three number.8=3x
 Is the same asEight is the same as thrice the number.  8=3x