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A median is an intersecting line, separating the original triangle into two triangles of equal area.
Let's discuss the day to day application of the median.
In  your home, your mom cooked Mexican hexagon pizza (look like as below picture).
Your mom offered one piece to you.  At that time one of your friends arrives at your home. 
You then offer to share your pizza with your friend.
Now the question is how you will divide your pizza so that each of you will get the same amount.
Here comes a remarkable concept to solve this issue. Use the concept of MEDIAN.
Let the corners of the pizza piece be \(A, B\) and \(C\).
From any interior angle (say \(A\)) of a triangle, \(ABC\) cut the midpoint of the opposite side (say \(D\)) so that you will have an equal amount of pizza (\(ADB\) and \(ADC\)) for  you and your friend.
Suppose two more friends arrived!
Again use the concept of MEDIAN.
Cut the pizza along another median, from any interior angle to the midpoint of the opposite side (Say \(D\) to the midpoint \(E\) of \(AC\) and \(D\) to the midpoint \(F\) of \(AB\)).
Let's enjoy the pizza with your friends as all get an equal amount.