What happens when we look at the same object from different directions?
Everytime, we get a different view.
Despite a solid could be viewed from different directions, the most common views are:
1. Top view
2. Front view
3. Side view
The three views mentioned above are based on our perspective (or) the side from which we view the solid.
Let us try to derive the different views of a photo frame.
Now, lets understand how a piece of solid made of cubes will look in the top, front and side views.
Where does visualizing objects from different angles help?
Visualization can help in many ways. It helps us in understanding the orientation of the solid shapes.
Suppose a cuboid is joined using several cubes. If the dimensions of the cube used is known, then dimensions of the resulting cuboid can easily be computed. All we need is to visualize the newly formed cuboid and assess the number of cubes used.