Imagine us planning a field trip. As soon as we finalize the destination, we collect the names of those willing to join us for the trip.
The collected list of names is the data.
Data is a collection of information.
1. A name list
2. States of India
3. The list of patients in a hospital
What happens in the case of larger data?
We represent data graphically to make the data analysis easy and comfortable.
Let us recall a few graphs studied earlier.
1. A pictograph
2. A bar graph
3. A double bar graph
A pictograph
It is a pictorial representation of data.
Let us look at the pictograph of the loaves of bread sold by a bakery in a week.
A bar graph
It is a representation of data using bars of uniform length.
Let us look at the bar graph of subject-wise marks scored by Vivian.
A double bar graph
It is used to represent the comparison between two sets of data.
Let us look at the monthly report of runs scored by KL Rahul and Virat Kohli.