Would you take the shortest route or the longest route to school?

We would always choose to take the shortest route. It saves time, and it is also more comfortable.

If we come across a difficult or an unknown word somewhere, what do we do?

We look up its meaning in the dictionary. The dictionary gives us a simplified definition of the tricky word.
Let us make a note of the keywords comfortable and simplified. Let us also observe how these two keywords play a significant role in the situation discussed next.
An online shopping company makes grocery shopping possible for its customers in May. At the end of December, the company decides to review the sales made for the past \(6\) months. The company finds it challenging to understand crores of data acquired.
What could be a better way of representing the same data?
We can represent the same data in terms of graphs. Graphs enhance the ease of understandability and present the data in a simpler form, making the data analysis more comfortable.
Let us look at a few graphs in the next section.