Steps to find the irrational numbers between two numbers:
Step 1: Express the provided number in decimal form.
Step 2: Keep in mind that we need to construct irrational numbers between the provided numbers.
Step 3: Within the possible range construct irrational numbers such that they are non-recurring and non-terminating.
Consider two numbers \(1/6\) and \(2/3\).
The decimal expressions of provided numbers are \(1/6 = 0.1666...\) and \(2/3 = 0.6666...\)
Now we have to construct irrational between \(0.1666...\) and \(0.6666...\)
Remember that irrationals are non-recurring and non-terminating.
We ourself can construct numbers with the given conditions.
Let the numbers are \(0.17070070007....,  0.23003000300003..., 0.35010011011101111... \)
In this way, we can construct an infinite number of irrationals between any two numbers.