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  1. Assessments

  2. Relations and Functions

    1. Cartesian Product of Sets

    2. Relations

    3. Functions

    4. Representation and Types of Functions

    5. Composition of Functions

  3. Numbers and Sequences

    1. Euclid's Division Lemma

    2. Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic

    3. Modular Arithmetic, Congruence Modulo and Modulo Operations

    4. Sequences

    5. Arithmetic Progression

    6. Sum to n terms of an A.P.

    7. Geometric Progression

    8. Geometric Series

    9. Special series

  4. Algebra

    1. Simultaneous and System and Linear Equations in Three Variables

    2. GCD and LCM of Polynomials

    3. Rational Expression and its Operations

    4. Square root of polynomials

    5. Zeroes, Roots of Quadratic Equation; Formation and Solving Quadratic Equations

    6. Nature of roots and relation between roots and coefficients of quadratic equation

    7. Quadratic Graphs

    8. Order of Matrices and its Types

    9. Addition and subtraction of matrices

    10. Multiplication of matrices

  5. Geometry

    1. Similar Triangles and Its Criteria and Construction of Similar Triangles

    2. Thales and Angle Bisector theorem and Construction of triangles

    3. Pythagoras Theorem

    4. Circles and Tangents

  6. Coordinate Geometry

    1. Area of Triangle and Collinearity of Points

    2. Inclination of Straight, Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

    3. Straight Line and Slope

    4. General Form of Straight Line

  7. Trigonometry

    1. Trigonometric Identities

    2. Heights and Distances

  8. Mensuration

    1. Surface Area of a Right Circular Cylinder, Hollow Cylinder and Right Circular Cone

    2. Surface Area of a Sphere, Hemisphere, Hollow Hemisphere and Frustum of a cone

    3. Volume of a Solid Right Circular Cylinder, Hollow Cylinder and Right Circular Cone

    4. Volume of a Sphere, Hollow Sphere, Solid Hemisphere, Hollow Hemisphere and Frustum of a cone

    5. Volume and Surface Area of Combined Solids

    6. Conversion of Solids from One Shape to Another with No Change in Volume

  9. Statistics and Probability

    1. Measures of Dispersion

    2. Coefficient of Variation

    3. Probability

    4. Algebra of Events and Addition Theorem of Probability