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Learn the steps to do the subtraction of algebraic expressions:
  • Arrange the terms of the given expressions in the same order.
  • Write the given expressions in two rows in such a way that the like terms occur one below the other, keeping the expression to be subtracted in the second row.
  • Change the sign of each term in the lower row from \(+\) to \(-\) and from \(-\) to \(+\).
  • After changing the signs of the terms in the lower row, add the terms column-wise.
Subtract \(3x² - 6x - 4\) from \(5 + x - 2x²\).
That is, we have to find the difference of \(5 + x - 2x^2\) and \(3x^2-  6x - 4\).
Arrange the terms of the given expression in the same order.
2x² + x+5+3x² 6x4()  (+) (+)5x² +7x+9¯¯