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Adjacent angles forms between the interesting lines. You can see the adjacent angles in our daily life at many scenarios.
1. Lemon forming adjacent angles:
8 Ресурс 2.png
2. Clock forming adjacent angles:
8.1 Ресурс 1.png
Adjacent angles:
If the two angels have one common vertex, one common arm, and their interiors are not overlapping, then the angles are called adjacent angles.
Now we will experiment with pizza to understand this concept.
9 Ресурс 2.svg
In the above figure, we can notice the following points:
1. Three angles are \(\angle AOC\), \(\angle AOB\) and \(\angle BOC\).
2. It has one common vertex that is \(O\).
3. OB is the common arm of \(\angle AOB\) and \(\angle BOC\).
4. The interior angles \(\angle AOB\) and \(\angle BOC\) are not overlapping.
Therefore, such a pair of angles \(\angle AOB\) and \(\angle BOC\) are called adjacent angles.