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What is a geometric transformation?
A definite change in a geometric shape is called a geometric transformation. The transformation could be in the form of its position, size or shape.
1(4) Ресурс 1.png
In the figure given above, the original figure is the pre-image, and the newly formed figure is the image.
The pre-image is denoted by \(A\), \(B\), \(C\), and so on. The image is represented by \(A'\), \(B'\), \(C'\) and so on.
2 Ресурс 1.png
4(5) Ресурс 1.png
5(4) Ресурс 1.png
6(4) Ресурс 1.png
7(3) Ресурс 1.png
In the above examples, the pre-images transformed into the images with different names.