A conditional flowchart is used when a condition is imposed on a problem. The condition will either be true or false. The course of the problem depends on the answer to the condition.
The condition will be specified within the following shape:
Figure 6.svg
1. A condition to check whether the train arrives on time or not.
Figure 8.svg
2. A condition to check whether \(5\) is a prime number or not.
Figure 9.svg
Let us try to make a conditional flowchart for the following situation.
Check if the given number is a multiple of \(3\) or not.
We should begin with the step-by-step procedure first.
1. Input the number '\(n\)'.
2. Divide '\(n\)' be \(3\).
3. If reminder equals \(0\), print '\(n\)' is a multiple of \(3\)'.
4. If reminder does not equal to \(0\), print '\(n\)' is not a multiple of \(3\)'.
Let us now come up with a conditional flowchart for the problem:
Figure 10.svg