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We know that integer is a collection of positive and negative numbers, have you ever wondered what value we will get if we added any numbers with zero?
If we add any number with zero, we get the same number as a result. This property is known as the additive identity of integers.
Now, let us understand this clearly.
Adding \(0\) (zero) to any integer will not change the result (or) the sum. This is called the identity property of integers.
Additive identity \(0\):
Identity property of \(0\) (zero) says that any number added with \(0\) (zero) remains the same.
It can be represented as,
\(a + 0 = a\)
\(0 + a = a\).
1. \( 7+ 0 = 7\)
2. \(0 + 5 = 5\)
Remember that if we add some number with \(0\) (zero), we get the same number as a result, this is called an additive identity.