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In our daily life, we use decimal number division in plenty of situations. For example, Ram went to buy eggs that cost \(Rs. 5.50\). If he gave \(Rs. 55\) to shop keeper, can you tell me how many eggs he bought?
We can simply tell the answer, by dividing the total cost by the cost of the egg. That is 555.5=10. So, Ram has bought \(10\) eggs.
Now, we got a brief intro about decimal division, so, we dive to the varies methods involve in the decimal division.
1. Decimal Division through models.
2. Division of a decimal number by a whole number.
3. Division by \(10\), \(100\) and \(1000\).
4. Division of a decimal number by another decimal number.
1. Decimal Division through models
Let us divide \(3.26\) by \(2\) using grid mode.
  • Shade grids to show the decimal number \(3.26\) by \(2\).
  • Separate the shaded region into \(2\) equal parts, as shown below.
  • Each colour represents an equal portion of \(1.63\).
  • Therefore, \(3.26\) \(÷\) \(2\) \(=\) \(1\) whole \(+\) \(6\) tenth \(+\) \(3\) Hundredth