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Working rule to construct a trapezium:
Let us discuss the working rule to construct a trapezium when the measure of three sides and one angle of a trapezium are given.
Construct a trapezium \(FINE\) in which \(\overline{FI}\) is parallel to \(\overline{NE}\), \(FI\) \(=\) \(8.5\) \(cm\), \(IN\) \(=\) \(6.5\) \(cm\), \(FE\) \(=\) \(7.5\) \(cm\) and \(\angle FIN\) \(=\) \(75^{\circ}\) at \(I\).
Step 1: Draw a line segment \(FI\) \(=\) \(8.5\) \(cm\).
Step 2: With \(I\) as centre, mark an angle \(75^{\circ}\) using a protractor and mark it as \(X\). Join \(IX\)
Step 3: With \(I\) as centre, draw an arc of radius \(6.5\) \(cm\) intersecting \(IX\) at \(N\).
Step 4: Draw a line \(NY\) parallel to \(FI\).
Step 5: With \(F\) as centre, draw an arc of radius \(7.5\) \(cm\) intersecting \(NY\) at \(E\).
Step 6: Join \(FE\). The measure of \(NA\) gives the height of the required trapezium \(FINE\).
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