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The great scientist Pythagoras quoted, "God build the universe on numbers".
This quote is quite true. The number are playing vital roles in our life. Everything in our surroundings is related to the number, for example, the time we calculate, our age, and the price of products we buy, etc.
Using these numbers in our daily life is more interesting. Now we will basics counting principles which will be useful in determining the number through different ways of arranging or selecting objects.
1. Addition principle:
If any two operations or process that can be done individually in \(x\) number ways and \(y\) number ways, then either of the operations can be done by \(x + y\) number ways.
Consider that you are planned to have breakfast at a restaurant. The restaurant offers only Idly, Roti and Dosa for the breakfast menu. Now, what will be the possible number of ways you can eat either one of them?
ezgif.com-gif-maker (10).gif
We have three different foods in total, which means three different options and has to choose only one.
So the answer will be \(3\). In three different ways, we can choose the food to eat.
This is a simple example of Addition principle. If the given operation is independent, we can use the addition principle, but what if they are dependent on each other will be the possible outcomes?
In the next lesson, we will cover that principle which have dependent operations.