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A rectangle is a  four right-angled quadrilateral. All angles in a rectangle are equal to \(360°/4 = 90°\). Moreover, the opposite sides are equal and parallel, and the diagonals bisect each other.
rectangle (1).png
Properties of rectangles:
  • Opposite sides are parallel and equal.
  • All the interior angles are \(90°\).
  • Diagonals bisect each other.
The first property of a rectangle: The Opposite sides are parallel and equal.
parallel and equal (1).png
Consider a rectangle \(ABCD\),
Opposite sides are parallel: \(AB\)  \(CD\) & \(AC\)  \(BD\).
Opposite sides are equal: \(AB = CD\) & \(AC = BD\).
The second property of the rectangle: All the interior angles are \(90°\).
Consider a rectangle \(ABCD\).
Interior angles are \(90°\): \(∠A = ∠B = ∠C = ∠D = 90°\).
The third property of rectangle: Diagonals bisect each other.
Consider a rectangle \(ABCD\) with diagonals \(AD\) and \(BC\).
The diagonals \(AD\) and \(BC\) meet at point \(O\).
Here the point \(O\) dividing the diagonal into two equal parts.
Diagonals bisect each other: \(OA = OD\) and \(OB = OC\).