In the previous theory, we studied the natural contraception methods. In this theory, we will look into the artificial methods of contraception. There are different artificial methods of contraception, which include:
1. Barrier methods
2. Hormonal methods
3. Intra-Uterine Devices (IUDs)
4. Surgical methods
Different contraceptive methods
Barrier methods:
The method prevents the sperms from meeting the ovum. A barrier prevents the entry of sperms into the female reproductive tract. It is available for both the male and female partners, which includes the following:
a. Condoms:
Condoms are made of a thin rubber/latex sheath that prevents the deposition of sperms in the vagina. They are used to cover the penis in a male or the vagina and cervix in a female. Condoms are used just before sexual intercourse, which prevents the entry of sperms into the female reproductive tract.
  • Condoms protect the user from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) like syphilis, AIDS.
  • They are easily disposable.
b. Diaphragm and Cervical cap:
These are also barriers made of rubber inserted into the female reproductive tract to cover the cervix during intercourse. They prevent fertilisation by blocking the entry of sperms through the cervix. They are reusable.
i. Diaphragm:
It is a soft cup made of rubber that covers the entrance to the uterus. It prevents the sperm from reaching the ovum. It also provides some protection against STDs and cervical cancer.
Contraceptive diaphragm
ii. Cervical cap:
It covers the cervix and prevents the entry of sperm to reach an egg. Spermicidal cream may be used together that kills the sperm before entering the uterus.
Cervical cap and spermicidal cream