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Let us take a look at a few activities that will help us better understand the phenomenon of refraction.
Activity 1:
  • Fill a bucket halfway with water and drop a coin at the bottom.
  • Try to pick up the coin by viewing with your eye to a side above water.
Did you manage to get the coin?
Why didn't you get it on the first attempt?
Request your friends to do the same. Compare and contrast your own experience with theirs.
Refraction of light- Coin experiment
Activity 2:
  • Place a coin in a large shallow bowl and set it on a table.
  • Slowly back away from the bowl.
  • When the coin vanishes from your sight, come to a halt. Ask a friend to pour water gently into the bowl without disturbing the coin.
  • Keep looking for the coin from your position.
Is the coin visible again from your position?
How could this happen?
Cup without water
Cup with water
When you pour water into the bowl, the coin becomes visible.
Due to the refraction of light, the coin appears to be slightly raised above its actual position.