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In a plane mirror, observe the image of a distant object, such as a distant tree.
Is it possible to see a full-length image?
Let us look at an activity to understand this concept.
  • Look at the distant objects using a concave, convex and plane mirror.
  • Observe the formation of the image using a concave, convex and plane mirror.
  • Now, you will realise convex mirror forms the full-size image of the distant object.
Image of a distant tree
In a small convex mirror, you can see a full-length image of a tall building or tree. One such mirror can be found on an Agra Fort wall facing the Taj Mahal. If you visit the Agra Fort, make an effort to see the Taj Mahal. To get a clear view, take a seat on the terrace adjacent to the wall.
Uses of the Convex mirror:
Convex mirrors are commonly used in vehicles as rear-view (wing) mirrors. These mirrors are mounted on the vehicle's sides and allow the driver to see traffic behind him or her, allowing for safer driving. Convex mirrors are preferred because they produce an erect, albeit diminished, image every time. In addition, because they are curved outwards, they have a larger field of view. As a result, convex mirrors allow the driver to see a much larger area than a plane mirror.
Rear-view mirror in a car