In the previous theory, we saw how the Ganga Action Plan was launched to improve the quality of the Ganga river water. In this theory, let us see the other ways to save nature or the environment.
3R's to save environment:
The \(3\)R's - Reduce, Recycle, and Reuse. Practising the three R's every day is necessary for a healthy and safe environment.
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3R's - Reduce, Recycle, Reuse
"Reduce" means using less or consuming less, resulting in smaller amounts of waste being generated. "Source reduction" means minimising the waste before purchasing it or buying products that are not wasteful in terms of packaging or use. An important part of waste reduction is "conservation", i.e. using natural resources wisely.
Ways to practice "Reduce":
i. Save electricity by switching off lights and fans that are not in use.
Save electricity by switching off lights when not in use
ii. Conserve water by repairing leaking taps and faucets.
Conserve water by repairing leaking taps
iii. Do not waste or dump food.
iv. Avoid the use of single-serving or disposable plastic containers.
v. Refuse to use plastic bags purchased from stores.
vi. Whenever possible, use durable items rather than disposable one-time use containers.
vii. Use of plastic cutlery must be reduced and substituted with cutlery and bags made of bamboo.
Use of eco-friendly bamboo cutlery, eco bag and reusable coffee mug