The earth's diverse natural resources supply the necessities for the survival of all forms of life, including humans. All the things that we use, including food, clothes, furniture, books, toys and vehicles, are obtained from the resources present on the earth.
Only energy is obtained from outside, i.e., from the sun. Even energy is processed by living things on earth through different physical and chemical processes before utilising it. Natural resources are considered basic requirements for a country's economic development. They are available in limited quantities and have a fixed location.
In the previous theory, we saw the classification of natural resources. In this theory, first, let us look at the importance of natural resources.
Importance of natural resources:
  • Natural resources such as land, forest, and water provide a livelihood to millions.
  • They aid in raising food crops and other natural foods.
  • Export of minerals assists and earn foreign exchange to the country.
  • Natural resources such as forests help prevent soil erosion and add beauty to the environment.
  • Economic development in developing countries is heavily reliant on natural resources.
Wisely handling natural resources minimises the faster depletion of natural resources. Also, keeping in mind the needs of future generations paves the way for the effective usage of natural resources.
What is meant by natural resource planning and management?
The management of natural resources is called Natural resource management.
Natural resource management
Why is natural resource management important?
  • Resources are limited in nature, and thus saving for future generations is necessary.
  • Resources are not only limited, but they are unevenly distributed over the different parts of the world.
  • Resource planning is essential for maintaining optimum usage of resources and protecting it from overexploitation.
Natural resource management is a long-term perspective as resources need to last for future generations.  Our responsibility to reduce and restrain the activities that affect natural resources. So, conservation and judicious use of natural resources is necessary.