Locomotion in cockroach:
Cockroach is an invertebrate that can walk, climb as well as fly to a certain height in the air. The body of cockroach is divided into three parts which include the head, thorax and the abdomen.
The cockroach has three pairs of legs and two pairs of wings which help in movement. The three pairs of legs help in walking and the two pairs of wings help them in flight.
The body of cockroach is covered with a hard skeleton that is made up of several plates linked together. These plates permit the movement of the cockroach.
The two pairs of wings are found attached to the body behind the head.
The cockroaches have distinct muscles.
The muscles near the legs aid them in walking, the body or the breast muscles are responsible for the movement of their wings during flight.
The cockroaches are known for their speed among the other insects as they are the insects that run very fast on the land.
Locomotion in birds:
Birds can both walk on the land as well as fly in the air.
Few birds such as the ducks, pelicans and swan can also swim in the water.
Skeleton of a bird
Bird flying
Birds are known for their flight. They are well suited for flying due these following characteristics.
  • They have hollow bones that are light in weight. Hence their bones are known as pneumatic bones.
  • They have a streamlined body (compared to a boat) that makes them to move easier in air.
  • Their hind limb bones are in particular for walking and perching
  • Their forelimbs are modified as wings which are equipped with feathers.
  • They have modified breastbones that contain muscles which are responsible for moving the wings up and down.