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Radha and Abhay were talking about their breakfast on their way to school. Radha's breakfast consisted of two idlies, chutney and a glass of milk. Abhay ate a paratha along with curd and drank a glass of orange juice.
1. Did both of them eat the same kind of food?
2. What conclusions would you draw about different people's eating habits?
The answer to the first question is no. There are so many varieties present in the food that we eat. The food that we consume differs from one person to another. This is due to the fact that everyone's eating habits are different.
A car runs on petrol. The car stops when the supply of petrol is over. Here petrol is the fuel that provides energy to the car to run. Likewise, our body also required fuel to perform various activities. From where do we get the fuel from? The answer is food!
What is food?
Food is anything that animals, plants, or humans eat to nourish their bodies for proper growth and maintenance.
Food is a substance that provides energy and which keeps the body in good health. It is a substance that is consumed by organisms that provide nutritional support. All living organisms require food.
Food consists of various useful chemical substances called nutrients.
Functions of food:
1. Food provides energy and warmth to the body.
2. Food provides energy for growth and repair.
3. Food is required for repair and wound healing.
4. Food provides resistance and protects the body from diseases.
Ingredients of food:
Rice and wheat are the staple food of our country. Do you know the things that are used for cooking rice?
Cooked rice
The things required to prepare cooked rice is rice grains and water. Similarly, chapati is made of wheat flour and water. Vegetable curry is made of different varieties of vegetables, spices, salt, oil etc.
Various items used to prepare a dish is called an ingredientIngredients are the components that are used to prepare food.
Sources of food:
From where do we get the ingredients to prepare food? For preparing a banana milkshake, we require a banana. Banana is obtained from plants, while milk is obtained from animals. Other items like yoghurt, curd, and paneer are prepared from milk.  Thus, different ingredients required to prepare different foods are obtained mainly from two sources:
  • Plants
  • Animals
Sources of food