Any material that is derived from the body of an animal is known as animal products.
Milk, meat, egg and honey are food items that are obtained from animals.
Animal products used as food in day to day life include eggs, chicken, mutton, fish, honey, milk, etc.
Milk is obtained from animals like cow, buffalo, goat and camel. Milk is used by humans for drinking. Milk is converted to other useful dairy products such as cheese, cream, cottage cheese (paneer), butter, clarified butter (ghee) and curd.
Dairy products
Flesh of animals such as goat, sheep, chicken, fish and shellfish are used as food. This is called meat.
Fish is a nutritious food source that gives us cod liver oil that is rich in vitamins, particularly vitamin A.
The rearing of fish on a large scale is called pisciculture.
Birds like hen, duck and goose are domesticated (tamed) for food. This is called poultry.
We obtain eggs and meat from poultry.
Honey is a sweet liquid that is produced by the honeybees. Honeybees collect nectar (sugary liquid) from the flowers and converts it into honey. Honeybees store the honey in a structure called the beehive.
Honeybees store honey because flowers and nectar are only available for some parts of the year. Bees store and use the honey throughout the year.
Beehives that contains the honey are called as honeycomb. Honey is collected from honeycomb.
The rearing of honeybees on a large scale is called apiculture.
Since honey is widely used, bee-keeping has become an agricultural enterprise to generate additional income for the farmers. Bee-keeping requires low investments. Beehives also provide wax that is used in several medicinal preparation.
Bee hive
We've seen in the theories that food can be obtained from plants as well as animals. Is there any other food sources other than plants and animals?
Salt is an essential ingredient used in cooking that flavours the food. It is obtained from seawater. Thus, salt is obtained from nature. Seawater is evaporated to obtain salt. Seawater can be purified to convert it into fresh water, which makes it fit for drinking.