All entities are present in an ecosystem where it is present. All of us are surrounded by microbes, plants, animals, birds, and other living and non-living things based on distinct parameters.
The things which needs food, water, shelter, air and other requirements for its survival are known as living things.
Scientists differentiated between the living and non-living things based on these.  In different parts of the world, we come across different types of living creatures called the Organisms.
An organism can be any living creature that ranges from microscopic bacteria to the largest animals.
Different types of organisms (plants and animals) are found in different regions.
1. Deserts will have camel and cacti.
2. Mountains will have oaks, pines and deodars as plants and mountain goats and yaks as animals.
3. Beaches have coconut trees and crabs.
4. Fishes and marine animals inhabit in the sea.
5. Coastal areas have palm trees, seaweed and oysters.
Characteristics of Living Organisms
For instance, plants are living things, but they do not move like animals. But, a car can move, yet they are non-living things. Certain characteristics differentiate living things from non-living things.
1. Living organisms require food that provides energy.
2. Living organisms shows growth and development.
3. Living organisms breathe through the process of respiration.
4. Living organisms respond to stimuli and also the environment. 
5. Living organisms excrete.
6. Living organisms reproduce.
7. Living organisms move by themselves.
8. Living organisms adapt to the environment.