Teenu: Hey! Veenu, how are you doing?
Veenu: Hi! Teenu, I'm doing fine.
Teenu: Hey, I would like to know what fruit do you like Veenu?
Veenu: I always prefer to eat oranges and lemon. Do you believe that I'm eating acids?
Teenu: The.... what? Are you eating acids?
Veenu: Yes, I consume orange and lemon that contain citrus acid, which has immense health benefits.
Teenu: What? Do orange and lemon have acids? I would not believe that. In our chemistry lab, we do experiments with acids that are a bit harmful. Then, why do we eat those acids?
Veenu: No Teenu, not all the acids are harmful. The foods we eat do contain natural acids and bases. For example, the curd you like so much has lactic acid, and the grapes, unripe mangoes, contains Tartaric acid and so on. All these kinds of acids provide nutrients to boost our bodies.
Stomach acid causing gastric problems
Teenu: Wow! This is so interesting to know. What happens to our stomach if take we acids?
Veenu: Even our stomach secrets an acid.
Teenu: What? Is it true?
Veenu: Yeah. In our stomach, Hydrochloric acid is secreted to digest the food we eat.
Teenu: Wow! I remember sometimes my dad used to tell that he is having an acidity.

Veenu: Yeah. That refers to excess acid in our stomach.
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