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We generally use natural and synthetic fuels for various purposes in our daily life. Fossil fuels have several drawbacks due to the following reasons
  • Global warming:
Carbon dioxide is released as a result of complete combustion. This greenhouse gas traps the suns rays into the atmosphere, which leads to global warming. Deforestation is also the cause of global warming.
Global warming is the rise in the earth's atmospheric temperature, which causes an increase in sea levels due to the melting of ice glaciers, rise in droughts, changing seasonal patterns of plants and animals, etc.
Global warming
  • Air pollution:
Sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides that are released as a result of the combustion of fossil fuels which leads to acid rain.
Acid rain is formed as a result of a reaction of these gases with the atmospheric moisture and chemicals present which can cause skin irritation, change in water composition, and corrosion of monuments and buildings.
  • Incomplete combustion:
As a result of incomplete combustion, there is the release of poisonous gas carbon monoxide, which can be fatal to animals and humans.
Dangerous/poisonous gas carbon monoxide
Alternate to fossil fuels:

Afforestation helps to reduce the earth's temperature. The extraction process of fuels are dangerous, and they are non-renewable, so the alternate source of energy can be implemented.
Also, cleaner fuel CNG will reduce the pollution caused by petrol, diesel, etc. For example, solar energy, wind energy, etc., are the sources of energy we get from renewable resources.
Renewable resources solar and wind energy