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People with vision loss cannot see the things around them.
How can they read and write?
  • A person who has lost their vision is unable to see at all.
  • A lens or glasses will not be able to correct this.
  • People who are blind develop other senses such as hearing and touching, allowing them to carry on with their daily activities.
  • By using the braille system, people who are blind can review and study the written word.
The Braille system:
shutterstock_1332165941 (1).jpg
Blind child learning through braille system
  • Braille is a tactile aid that allows visually impaired people to read and write.
  • Louis Braille, a visually challenged person, developed the braille system. The present Braille System was adopted in the year \(1932\).
  • Many Indian languages can be read using the braille system.
  • In the Braille code system, there are \(63\) Dots or \(63\) Characters.
  • Visually impaired people learn the braille system by beginning with letters, then special characters and letter combinations. Methods depend upon recognition by touching.
  • Each character has to be memorized by visually challenged people. When they touch the braille texts, they can recognize what is written in the material.
  • Braille is read by moving the hand or hands along each line from left to right.
  • Reading is generally done with both hands, with the index fingers doing the majority of the work.
  • Reading speed is around \(125\) words per minute on average. However, higher speeds of up to \(200\) words per \(minute\) can be achieved.
louis-braille.pngLouis Braille’s legacy has enlightened the lives of millions of people who are blind. Blind individuals from all over the world get benefitted from Braille’s work daily.