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Let us discuss the difference between noise and music:
Sounds, which are not pleasant to hear, is called noise.Sounds, which are pleasant to hear, is called music.
Sounds produced by vehicles and crackers.
Sounds produced by musical instruments like piano and guitar.
1200px-Fire_Crackers_Display_(DSC01953) (1).jpgmusical-instruments-4764165_1920.png
Noise pollution:
  • The presence of unwanted and unpleasant sounds in the earth's environment is called noise pollution.
  • Human beings can hear sounds ranging up to \(85\) \(decibels\). Above that, any sound can damage our hearing power.
  • The unwanted noise in the environment causes an adverse effect on the health of the organisms on the earth.
An example of noise pollution
Causes of noise pollution:
  • Transport noise
  • Industrial noise
  • Construction noise
  • Political activities
  • Bursting of crackers and fireworks
  • Natural sounds (thunderstorms, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, sounds of various animals etc.)
Effects of noise pollution:
  • Excessive noise in the environment can lead to serious health problems in human beings such as anxiety, irritation, hypertension, lack of sleep or insomnia, lack of memory, stress, and even nervous breakdown.
  • It may cause temporary or permanent hearing loss in humans as well as animals.
  • Excessive noise may lead to increased blood pressure. It elevates cholesterol levels in the blood and therefore increases the chances of cardiovascular diseases.
Prevention of Noise Pollution:
  • Factories and industries should be set up at a distance from residential areas.
  • Silencing devices should be installed in heavy vehicles such as aircraft, industrial equipment, machinery and other home appliances.
  • The use of horns should be reduced, especially near public places such as schools, religious places and hospitals.
  • Soundproofing systems should be installed in party halls, industries and other buildings that produce a huge amount of unwanted sounds.
  • The unwanted noise from the environment can be eliminated by planting a huge amount of trees.