An introduction to diversity in living organisms:
The earth consists of a multitude of life forms that differ from each other to a lesser or greater extent. No two individuals are of the same height, weight and facial features. But when we compare ourselves with another individual, we have a lot in common rather than with a monkey.
PPT (6).png
Monkey and the humans
Similarly, when we compare a monkey with a cow, monkey has a lot more familiar with us than with a cow.
The earth has a wide range of life forms. It comprises microscopic bacteria of a few micrometres in size but, the blue whale and redwood trees of California of approximate sizes of\(30\)metres  and \(100\)metresrespectively.
  • Based on life-span, the pine trees live for thousands of years while insects like mosquitoes die within a few days.
  • When we talk about the colour of the life-forms range from colourless or transparent worms to brightly coloured birds and flowers.
PPT (7).png
Bird and flowers
These variations in the living organisms have occurred over a million years ago. Hence, to understand about all the various living organisms, it is mandatory to know about the similarities among the microorganisms.
This henceforth leads to the classification of these diverse organisms in which main broad groups of organisms are further divided into smaller sub-groups based on the less essential characteristics.