The density of a particular substance, under specific conditions, remains the same. Therefore, the density of a substance is one of its characteristic properties. It is different for different substances.
For example, the density of gold is 19300 kg/m3, while that of water is \(1000\) kg/m3. The density of a given sample of a material can help us to determine its purity. It is easy to express the density of a substance in comparison with that of water.
Relative density
The relative density of a substance is the ratio of its density to that of water.
The relative density has similar quantities in numerator and denominator. Therefore, it has no unit.
1. The density of water is 103 kg/m3. Find the density of silver, whose relative density is \(10.8\).
Given data:
Relative density of gold \(=\) \(10.8\)
Density of water \(=\) 103 kg/m3
To find: Density of the material
We know,
Apply the known values,