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Water is used by our bodies to help control body temperature and sustain other bodily functions. It is found in all cells, organs, and tissues.
Since our body loses water by breathing, sweating, and digestion, it is important to drink fluids and eat foods that contain water to rehydrate and replace it.
Let us now see the process of water purification.
Water filtration.png
Drinking water supply system in town/city
Unwanted chemical compounds, organic and inorganic products, and biological pollutants are separated from water during this purificationprocess.
Stage 1: The water is collected in the reservoir from various sources.

Stage 2: The collected water is then passed to the sedimentation tank, where the solids settle down.

Stage 3: In this loading tank, the suspended impurities settle down as sediments.

Stage 4: The filtration tank contains gravel, coarse sand, and fine sand. The water from the loading tank enters the filtration tank, where the sedimentation takes place.
Simple filtration process
The sedimentation process is a physical treatment where the impurities settle down. This is according to gravity. This filtration tank acts as a simple bio-sand water filter. This filters most of the contaminants present in the water.

Stage 5: The water from the previous tank enters this chlorination tank, where the microbes are killed. This is germ-free water that is now safe to drink. Finally, the treated water is supplied for consumption in cities.