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Everything in this universe is made up of material which scientists have termed as "Matter".
Take a moment to look at our surroundings. We see a variety of things with different shapes, sizes and textures. The water we drink, the food we eat, the clothes we wear, and the air we breathe every day, each of these things have their own mass and volume.
According to our ancient  Indian philosophers every living or non-living, thing was made up of five basic elements, named, the Panch Tatva. The five basic elements are Air, Earth, Fire, Sky and Water.
But our modern-day scientists have proposed two types of classification of matter based on their physical properties and chemical nature.
Let us learn about matter based on its physical properties and chemical nature in details.
Matter's Physical Nature:
Matter contains \(n\) number of  particles. The particles of matter are very small which is beyond our imagination.
Let see an example to understand this clearly.
Take a beaker or a medium size bowl with water and dissolve some salt with the help of a glass rod. Wait for few seconds.
Do you observe any changes on the water level?
What happened to those salt particles?
We already know that these particles are very tiny in nature. When we dissolve salt in water, the particles of salt get into the spaces between particles of water. So, that why the water level is not raised.
And, think about what will happen if you add the medium size stones instead of salt particles.
If you think that the water level will raise, then, you're right.
The above experiment shows that just a few crystals of potassium permanganate can colour a huge volume of water. So we desired that there must be millions of very tiny particles in just one crystal of potassium permanganate, which keep on dividing themselves into smaller and smaller particles.
The particles of matter are very small they are very small beyond our thinking.
  • Everything in this universe is made up of matter.
  • Generally, matters occurs in solid, liquid and gas
  • Matter consists of tiny particles.