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In this exercise, we will learn the method to convert the Celsius to Kelvin and vice versa.
Celsius and Kelvin:
The Kelvin and Celsius are the SI units used to measure the temperature of objects.
We use the symbol \(C\) to represent the Celsius; similarly, we use \(K\) for Kelvin.
When the Celsius is \(0°\), the Kelvin will be \(273.16K\).
That is, 0°C=273.16K
Relation between the Celsius and Kelvin:
The below formula explains the relationship between the Celsius and Kelvin.
Here T denotes the temperature, K denotes the Kelvin and C denotes Celsius of a matter.
Now, let us learn how convert the temperature Celsius to Kelvin and vice versa.
Celsius to Kelvin:
To convert the temperature on the Celsius scale to the Kelvin scale, we have to add 273 from the given temperature.
If the temperature of water is 4°C, then convert it in to Kelvin.
To change the water temperature from Celsius to Kelvin, we just add 273 with the water temperature.
Kelvin to Celsius:
To convert the temperature from Kelvin scale to the Celsius scale, subtract \(273.16\) from the given temperature.
If the temperature of a room is 284K, then convert it to Celsius.
To convert the temperature from Kelvin scale to the Celsius scale, we have to subtract 273 from the given temperature.
Absolute Zero:
The temperature at which there is no motion and no heat remains in the substance, and all the particles will freeze their motion.
Absolute zero, temperature at which a thermodynamic system has the lowest energy. It corresponds to \(-273.15\) °C (Celsius)or \(-459.67\ \)°F (Fahrenheit).
The minimum value of Kelvin is \(0\). Kelvin scale cannot be negative, because, at the zero Kelvin the particles in the substances will freeze their motion. Therefore, Kelvin scale is impossible to be negative one.
Did you know?
The SI units of temperatures such as Celsius and Kelvin named after the scientists Anders Celsius and William Thomson, 1st Baron Kelvin.